Hydrating Facial Cleanser

“The Secret to Youthful Looking Skin? Washing Your Face Daily With THAT Hydrating Facial Cleanser!”

Hydrating Facial Cleanser is proudly made in the USAYou’re busy. Your phone is glued to your hand taking calls from your boss, babysitter, family, and friends. In between working on your laptop, shopping and caring for your kids, your hands and phone gets a lot of dirt, grime and grease on them… all of that gets transferred to your skin.

Put your phone down and clean the day away with THAT Hydrating Facial Cleanser.

Consider this your moment of zen. Each morning and before you go to bed indulge yourself in the moment where you get to put that phone down, leave the kids with your spouse and rinse away the chaos of the day.

THAT Hydrating Facial Cleanser is the delightful ‘me’ time you crave each day. It’s gentle on your skin, but effective enough to rinse away makeup, dirt and excess oils that accumulate day and night. This paraben free formula will leave your skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and clean.


“So many cleansers I’ve used have caused my skin to feel stripped of moisturizer. This product feels silky smooth and doesn’t strip my skin at all. But it still does a good job of removing makeup and oil from the day. Highly recommend it.” – Jenni S.

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Washing Your Face Never Felt This Good

You wash your face every day, but is your face wash leaving your skin more irritated and dry? THAT Hydrating Facial Cleanser is different.

Gentle yet effective facial cleansing

Gentle Yet Effective

This face wash is so gentle, you won’t even notice how hard it’s working to rid your skin of the toxins and impurities of the day. When you’re done washing, your skin will feel clean, moisturized, and ready to take on your next big challenge.

Perfect for all skin types

Perfect for All Skin Types

THAT Hydrating Facial Cleanser is recommended for dry, sensitive and mature skin types. The paraben-free, non-irritating formula works deep within your pores removing dead cells and excess oils leaving you to feel rejuvenated.

Hydrating Facial Cleanser is made in the USA

Safe Manufacturing

Your favorite new product comes in an airless pump bottle so it stays fresh for longer giving you the maximum usage. Made in the USA, it is manufactured in a GMP and FDA approved facility so you know you’re getting the best.


“THAT Hydrating Facial Cleanser is my new favorite part of my morning routine. I love how moisturized my skin feels every time I use it!” – Kim C.

Add THAT Hydrating Facial Cleanser to your morning and nightly routine. Not only will your skin feel soft and smooth, but it’ll look healthy and clean too. Use with your favorite moisturizer for the maximum anti-aging benefits.

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