7 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Look Younger Naturally

Attractive woman with healthy skinWho Says You Can’t Turn Heads After 40?

Some women in their 40s and 50s manage to look a good 10 to 20 years younger than their mothers and grandmothers did at the same age. Wouldn’t you love to know their secret?

Most people would choose to believe these women are just lucky. Maybe they were born with good genes. And no doubt, that does happen in some cases. But something else is going on here.

Sure, there are some who turn to Botox, facelifts and other types of invasive procedures. But the women I’m talking about follow a few simple lifestyle habits (that anyone can do) to achieve their youthful appearance.

Women who look younger than their actual age understand and live by the following principles:

1. Beauty sleep is a real thing, you absolutely need it to look your best.

Your skin relies on rejuvenating sleep to repair and rebuild. A glowing complexion is well-rested. If dark circles and puffy eyes are an ongoing issue for you, look at your sleep patterns first. Under eye creams can help, but you must do your part by getting ample “shut-eye time” every night.

2. Dressing like a teenager or twenty-something makes you look older, not younger.

Remember those older ladies you used to laugh at as a teenager because they wore the same clothes as you — but couldn’t quite pull off the look? Don’t be one of those women, okay?

3. Breaking bad habits is worth every ounce of effort required.

Are you a smoker? Then quit. Do you drink excessive amounts of alcohol? Cut back to moderate levels or quit altogether if it’s a problem. These 2 habits not only prevent you from looking younger, they add several years to your appearance.

4. Exercise enhances your complexion by improving circulation and helps you feel as young as you look.

Do it for the feel-good benefits above all else. Also important to note is how the increased circulation associated with regular exercise is good for your skin and helps your body release toxins through sweating. Consider hiring a personal trainer if you’re not sure how to get started.

5. A professional hair stylist is worth every penny.

Still wearing that style from the ’70s or ’80s? Or maybe you think those few gray hairs aren’t all that noticeable? Update your look, get a flattering hair style and you’ll get an immediate confidence boost. That alone will deduct a few years from your appearance.

6. You really are what you eat and your skin reflects what you put into your body.

Eat the good stuff and avoid the rest. Pay attention to the foods you eat — do they make you feel good or bad after you have them? You know the drill. Lots of fresh water, fruits and veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats help you look and feel your best. Processed foods high in white flour, sugar and artificial flavors are junk and will make you feel (and look) like you’ve been run over by the garbage truck.

7. Too much makeup shows off wrinkles and adds years to your appearance.

Starting as early as your 30s, it’s best to lighten up on the makeup. Excess amounts tend to settle into fine lines and wrinkles which makes them stand out even more. Not at all the look you’re going for. Less is definitely more in this area when you want a more youthful appearance. Experiment a bit and you’ll be happy you did.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of these simple strategies. Try them for a few days and be amazed at what starts to happen.

When you embrace these principles and incorporate them into your daily routine, you’ll be able to turn back the clock on your appearance as well as your overall outlook on life. Good health and high energy levels never go out of style — and, they keep you feeling and looking your absolute best!

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